It seems that quite a few homeowners are expecting some saving grace to be passed down from the federal government to quit the crisis of defaulting mortgages. According to the track record of government programs so far, however, it could be far better for people in monetary hardships to rely on their very own resources than hope for a bailout.

In truth, the government programs that have already been put into location or are being proposed are virtually entirely useless for homeowners and may possibly be even more destructive to the weak economy. Too a lot of of them are nothing but voluntary programs that involve only a handful of lenders not offering any new solutions.

But even programs of this nature aren’t as outright destructive as the ones calling for tax breaks to airline businesses, automakers, banks, and homebuilders, at the expense of foreclosure victims. Taking money from homeowners to give to banks in the type of tax rebates after which labeling it “Foreclosure Prevention” is hypocrisy at its most blatant.

If homeowners, because of any of the irrational fears previously discussed, can not make themselves choose up the telephone and call their lender, they may need to take into account hiring some private assistance that they trust. This could be a loss mitigation firm, foreclosure loan provider, bankruptcy lawyer, or any other source. Otherwise, the probabilities are high that they’ll procrastinate too lengthy as well as the mortgage company will work hand-in-hand using the government to push the house closer towards a sheriff sale.

Government is force; the foreclosure method is actually a classic example of this reality. Obviously, that force is not used against government’s funding source, the banks, which explains why the banking market will continue to get bailouts and voluntary programs even though people are involuntarily forced out of their houses by banks, judges, and county sheriffs.

Consequently, it could be a mistake for any homeowner to hope an excessive amount of for a bailout from the central government to stop foreclosure. Not only is it not coming, it really is becoming actively planned against by the corporations and industries that profited most from the housing boom and will use their political influence to profit from the crash.

Sadly, government representatives aren’t our leaders. They are our employees. And they’re like the employee who steals from the small business owner and then demands a raise for proposing distinctive solutions to theft he is actively engaged in.