Determining how much is my property worth is a concern of many of today’s homeowners. A number of factors, such as location, the condition of the home, the conditions of the market, comparable listings, and time windows, will all influence value estimates. Homeowners should either talk to a local realtor, or consult a home estimating website, to predict the current value of their home.


The number one value determinant for any property is location. Good neighborhoods, with access to recreation, parks, and good schools, and which have low crime rates, will have higher-priced homes. Buyers should purchase a smaller home in a good neighborhood, rather than purchasing a high-priced house in a rundown neighborhood. The better the location, the greater a home’s appreciation, and the greater its resistance to unfavorable market conditions.


A home’s physical condition also influences buying decisions. In general, homes should be in good physical condition, and landscaping should be well-maintained. While every buyer has an individual preference, most buyers tend to favor ample square footage, outstanding curb appeal, and up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms, when considering a purchase.


Current market conditions make a major impact on home prices. In a market with low demand and high supply, prices will be lower; in a market with high demand and low supply, prices will be higher. Mortgage interest rates, as well as the availability of loans, will also determine how much buyers will be able to pay for a home.


Price is affected by comparable listings. If many similar properties are for sale in the same geographic area, prices will inevitably be lower. However, homes with fewer comparable listings, or which have amenities and extra features which distinguish them from competitors, will be featured in the upper end of the price range.


Many home sales are affected by time limits. Sellers who can afford to wait for a while to sell their home, have the advantage of being able to wait for a higher price. However, someone who needs to sell quickly may have to ask for less. In any market, over-pricing a home will drive prospective buyers away, no matter what the owner’s time constraints are.


Many websites offer estimates of home values, but buyers may take more than just the home’s price into consideration. Towns which are building new infrastructure, which have good schools, and which have a positive jobs outlook, will contain homes of a higher value. Many factors must be considered, when homeowners ask, “How much is my home property worth?”.