With this information you can look at your current resources, look ahead, and then plan out what you want to have happen. The number of deals you want to do, the amount of money you want to make.

1) The total leads that call each month (each week is more manageable)

2) Where those leads come from

3) How many “qualified” seller prospects (i.e. Individuals who you are willing to make investments follow up in if they don’t deal now ; they have motivation, you are concerned in the house.) you get each

4) The ratio of total to qualified, the number of deals you close and the ratio of closed deals to qualified leads – for each lead source and how much you make from each seller.

5) How much it impose a fee to take a new marketer.

For example, let’s say you are bringing in around $10,000 a month and your average deal gives you $5,000. Yes, I know that’s low, but for the sake of example. That’s two deals a month. All of them are cash yields and after disbursements you net 50 percent of your gross or $ 5,000 a calendar month. And let’s say that you want to double your net income next month.

First, you can improve on this situation by improving that twenty percent closing ratio. By getting better your close ratio by things like more accurate placing, the present lead-flow would rest the same ; you’ll get your similar twenty real prospects and achieve your goal of doing four businesses deal next month.

Your plan to get forty qualified prospects would need 10 to come from expired listing mailings, 16 to come from flyers in target neighborhoods, 4 from business cards handed out everywhere, 6 to come from signs placed in the ground at high traffic count intersections, 10 to com from classified ads that drive people to the website. Total: 46 prospects. Cool! That’s six to spare.

With this number of Denver Colorado houses leads coming in you have what are needed closed four deals and reach your goal of doubling your net income. Actually, it’s more than doubling because your fixed expenses don’t increase with the income.

You should have a monthly plan. Schedule thirty or forty minutes out of one day to make up your Mansions for Sale Denver CO monthly plan and see how you did last month. Schedule Denver Executive Homes this time and keep to it. You should not do any of your task or should we say limit your self from taking any phone calls. Keep it strictly for planning. If you do this and you allow yourself to get into the whole spirit of planning, and making things happen on purpose, you will easily double your income in twelve months.