Agents spend more than 70% of their time on marketing, according to the National Association of Realtors.   This just shows that marketing is very important in an agent’s life in order to stay at the top.  Therefore, real estate agents need a very good strategy to stay in the battle and knowing the right marketing tools is crucial.  Moreover, how the agent uses his time wisely is the key to success. The type of marketing tools that you will use in selling a property can make a big difference.  So what are the tools used by successful agents who can actually sell Homes for Sale in Tampa quickly?

Print advertising come in many forms – postcards, letters, fliers, newspaper ads, magazine ads and door hangers with all the attractive pictures, real estate in Tampa property information, as well as the agent’s mailing and contact information.  This strategy is effective for reaching people who may not always have time to search online. The key to print advertising in real estate marketing is the use of specific words that could readily attract a reader’s attention rather that promoting an agent’s contact information.

Another important marketing tool according to the National Association of Realtors or NAR is online marketing. NAR claim that more than 70% of all potential home buyers begin their search online. Websites can showcase all kinds of information through testimonials of satisfied customer, virtual tours, detailed information of the property, the agent or Realtor’s information and description of his/her expertise and so on since print advertising is limited because of the space given in the newspaper or magazine classified sectionnt or Realtor’s information and description of his/her expertise and so on.

Social media is all about social networking where agents connect with other agents and with potential clients to gain referrals and to showcase listings.  Although some may not agree with using it as a real estate marketing tool, a lot of agents are using these two to boost their Tampa FL Homes for Sale business.