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View is the one of the major factors that affects the resale value when buying homes. Buying homes with a pleasant view of a beach or the horizon often sell at a premium above similar homes without the view.

Though you may place a considerable dollar value on the view, future buyers may not be so like-minded. It may take you longer to find a buyer when it comes time to resell the house. Or you may end up dropping your price to more nearly match other sales prices in the neighborhood.

In short, if you are buying a house with a view, try to pay as little extra as possible. Otherwise, you might not get your money back.

Most real homes today are usually concentrated on the building itself but the lot is important too. Home with a good resale value should have lots that are as level as possible.

Assuming the property is in a typical neighborhood, the lot should be rectangular – no odd shaped lots or oddly situated lots.

Courtyard sizes are smaller in modern homes than in older homes, but there should still be a decently sized front and back yard.

Do not buy an over-landscaped property, either. You would normally pay a premium for that, which you may not be able to recover when you sell. You will get your best value if the house is moderately landscaped or under-landscaped for the area.

You can always perk up the landscaping during your ownership by humanizing the grass and adding bushes and trees. Just do not waste too much.

In each residential neighborhood, houses will vary in size and rooms, but they should not be too different. If resale value is an important consideration, you should not buy the largest model in the neighborhood.

When determining market value, the homes nearest to yours are most important. If most of the nearby houses are smaller than your house, they can act as a drag on appreciation.

On the other hand, if you buy a small or medium house for the neighborhood, the larger homes can help pull up your value. This is one of those times where determining your “wants” versus your “needs” can be extremely important.

Buying what you need in a more prestigious neighborhood may provide more financial reward than getting what you want in a less desirable neighborhood.

Three and four bedroom houses are the most popular among homebuyers, so if you can stick in that range you will have more potential buyers when it comes time to resell.

There ought to always be at least two bathrooms in a house, preferably at least two and a half. One bathroom with a place to wash up for day-to-day visitors, one for the master bedroom, and at least one to be shared by the other bedrooms.

Walk-in closets are extremely desirable for the master bedroom. For the rest of the house, just be sure there is ample closet space. Don’t disregard space for linens and towels.

Garages add to the resale value and you should always make sure to get at least a two-car garage. Lately, three-car garages have become desirable in some areas of the country.

The laundry facilities should be located somewhere convenient on the main floor of the house, but not in a place it will create an eyesore. Think about whether you want to walk up and down stairs when carrying loads of laundry.

Family activity centers on the kitchen, so this is the most important room of the house. Larger kitchens are better, and they should be provided with modern appliances.

Obviously, the dining room and breakfast nook should be located adjacent to the kitchen. In newer houses, the family room should also be extremely close to the kitchen.

There should be easy access to the back yard, as there will be occasions for barbecues and outdoor entertaining.

In addition, it should be a short trek between the garage to the kitchen so hauling groceries in from the car does not become a horrendous chore.

Swimming pools do not provide as much added value as they once did. Safety issues about families with younger children have become more publicized than in the past, so families with small children tend to avoid homes with pools.

As a result, having a pool may actually reduce the number of potential homebuyers when you try to resell the home.

Wake up at all: anyone can change dreams into reality. The present is the ideal time for realization. the ground rules is important to know the kind of house you wanted to buy and own. Know first the kind or type of house you really wanted, know the characteristics and the location. You can make use of the experts to be a aid in this search for dream home. Hillsborough County is a list is available to any buyer. Know first the kind or type of house you really wanted to buy. know the facts for effeciency.

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The key is obviously to know what kind of house you really wanted: it could be a single home, several houses, or it could be a condominium. It would be much easier for everyone to know what you really wanted. Knowing the choices available is important. To take this necessary step will take a little closer to the dream home you really wanted.

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Now features: the appearance is one thing, but you have, such as heating, water and ventilation need to be considered. Number of rooms should meet your needs and your family. These characteristics are somewhat on the cost of accommodation per month, to check the characteristics that are required for each house.

If you are trying to qualify for one of the many mortgage home loans out there. And looking to buy a home whether it be in the Tampa real estate market or not but still on the fence. Here are few things to think about whether you should buy a home now or not as well as a few tips..

Since 2007, it has been an interesting last few years to say the least. Housing values have plumetted ever since the bubble in the real estate market popped.Has made some unique things happen. Such as the simultaneous drop in real estate prices and interest rates has never occurred before in American real estate history.So here are few tips that you should remember while in the market shopping for a home.


1)      You Are Not The Only Buyer

Even though there are less and less people that can actually qualify for a home due to new lending standards tightening up.  Homes that do hit the market and priced right will have multiple offers especially when they are at a discount.The mentality of trying to low ball the price even when it is a truly good price will only result in someone else’s offer getting accepted over yours.If the house you want has a good price, you can expect it to have multiple offers so you would have to be aggressive to get it.A tactic commonly used my many banks are usin is gettic attention and a ton of eyeballs by underpricing homes and when the excited buyers flock to those home, they usually sell for a lot more than the listed price.


2)      Its Not That Easy To Get A Loan Anymore.

You will find that things are very different now if you have not bought a home or refinanced a home loan in the past several years.The last thing you would want is to get wrong information from friends and family who last got a loan before 07 about how and what loan they were able to get.Now you actually need to prove that you can afford the home and this is an example for the tremendous change that has taken place in the past few years.The bank will verify your income by requesting transcripts from the IRS to match what you submit to the bank with what you report to the IRS.You will also be questioned on any changes or credit charges in order to make sure that you are not taking on any new debt.Or debt that may have been overlooked in your credit report.Even if you have already submited all your information, the bank may ask you the resubmit it later.

3)      Be Patient

If you are trying to get one of the nicest homes that happen to be one of the best deals on the market.YOU HAVE COMPETITION and tons of it which means that your offer may not be acepted the first time so you have to be patient and it many take several offers and even a few months to get you into a home.

4)      Be Prepared For The Appraisal

Appraisals in today’s market are not as aggressive as they once were that means that many times the appraised value comes in lower than the agreed price.For this two things must happen.Either you the buyer have to bring in more money to the table ot the price is reduced to the appraised value.Which can be really tough for many buyers if you are considering $1,000.00’s of dollars. The reality is that most banks are aware that some can be stubborn. You may have to leave the house you wanted as the may not want to lower the price. Even if the bank eventually lowers the price it will not benefit you but only the next buyer.


5)      Buying A Short Sale.

Currently, a lot of homes on the market and in many other markets end up as either foreclosures or short sales. This holds very true for the majority of homes in Tampa that are for sale. There are a few regular transactions but in the higher end range of homes for sale.But always remember that dealing with a short sale can take months.The bank holding the mortgage has to approve the short sale process even before it can happen.The seller of the home cannot do anything until the bank agrees to the short sale though he is the current home owner who wishes to sell the home to you.You would require a lot of patience to enter the short sale process and the awareness that it could take months to close the transaction.Some agents steer their clients away from short sales because they take longer to close and hence it would take longer for them to get paid.Not to mention that some clients cannot wait as long as it takes for a short sale to close.  But some short sales can take as little as a month but others can take as long as a year.But sometimes the situation could end up that there would be no competion for that home which would be EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR. The length of time it takes for a short sale is not in the control of you, your agent or your homeowner. Sometimes it does not matter who the bank is.

Reality is real estate prices are at current lows and with interest rates at record lows. Why would you not want to try buying a home.