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Luxury Homes in Tampa

What luxurious for you may not consider as the same to another individual. It is depend on ones interests and taste for a certain color, design, texture and size. How luxurious a home should look like really depends on finding comfort and pleasure at the same time. On the other hand, there are definite features that most people would agree such luxury homes should have.

There is no need of exaggerated decors or furnished with complicated fixtures for a home to be called luxurious. Actually lots of people nowadays have chosen to go minimalist with their home décor.The most important thing to consider when looking for an ideal luxury home is the space and simplicity that it offers.

Most people love to have their own personal space and to be in control of their environment. The common today is the Zen– like approaches, as people desire to change their houses into homes where they can find comfort and be away from competitiveness of this stressful world. This is the reason why lots and lots of people have planned their luxury homes to have glass fixtures among white and beige as their master themes, or also known as earthy colors.

Most of homeowners today choose the long and wide windows that overlook their gardens or backyards; they also want a fancy kitchen with attractive designs to entertain guests and as well as huge walk in closets for their collection of clothes and shoes. Therefore, it is depend on the way your luxury home is designed and structured for it to be called luxurious.

The luxury homes usually have more than two bedrooms with a matching number of bathrooms. Mostly, they have high ceilings and are carpeted or tiled with marble or granite flooring. The more expensive luxury home would also consist of swimming pools, garages and gardens and of course, together with security services.

There are many types of luxury homes today, some of these are condominiums, high- rise apartments, private houses, semi- detached houses, and serviced apartments. These houses provide to different needs and offer different things depend on the needs of the buyer.It is very important take into consideration the location, the facilities offered and the price as well when choosing the ideal luxury home for you. Look on the advantages and disadvantages of the luxury homes you have considered and see which more worthy of your money is.

It is okay to seek help from the experts in this field like the real estate agents and advisors. They can help you a lot in so many ways in terms of choosing the right luxury home for you.

Always remember that you do not have to be limited to the designs of the luxury home that you want to purchase. It is because renovating or re- modeling your house is something that you could always do, if you want to give your home a new look depends on what you wish. Do not be afraid to make a huge transformation to the appearance of your house. Reconstructing is a common practice that takes place prior to moving in to a new place.
There are lots of luxury homes today where you can find peace, comfort and contentment of living in one. Therefore, you can say that a home is luxurious ultimately depends on how you design and make it out to be look like one.

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Florida Home Values
What’s the difference

It is a common issue that most homeowners have when they buy, sell or get their tax bill in the mail a “What is the difference between Tax Accessed Value (“TAV”) and Fair Market Value (“FMV”)?”

This question and its answer are critical to your understanding why many property owners who appeal their taxes personally fail. This is not a surprise and most county tax appraisers (assessors) do not help the situation. REMEMBER, if you appeal and the basis for your appeal is not acceptable, you are declined and can not come back again for another year!

Fair Market Value is what a property should be able to be sold at in a market that is not under “distress”. Distress in this case means not an unusual amount of foreclosures, high or anticipated high unemployment in the region, a toxic waste dump nearby, flood plain, or other “issues: that could cause perspective buyers to look elsewhere for homes.

Appraising a property is a matter of looking at what other, “supposedly similar” properties have actually sold at within a limited area around your home, usually 1/4 to 1/2 mile or, preferably, within your subdivision. I would like to say this appraised value is an accurate estimate of what your home will sell for, but frankly, appraisals are to a large degree a subjective guess. Any appraiser will admit that his appraisal is based on his professionalism in estimating the value of your home but it is still a “best estimate” in his mind. Often two appraisals of the same property can be 10% or more apart. Comparable sales can not take into account the motivation of the seller or the condition of the interior of the property.

FMV is definitely not what your neighbor’s smaller home sold for plus an upgrade for your larger property. Most homes are purchased for emotional reasons or the practicality of living close to work or schools, etc. So a homeowner can get an appraisal, estimate his own FMV or ask friends, neighbors and real estate agents to mention a few sources. It is very likely that your personal guess, if supported by actually seeing the inside of properties for sale and ones that have sold and comparing these sales or listings or FSBO‘s (For Sale By Owners) to your property, is as good, if not better than all those opinions above. For this exercise, let’s assume you have decided your property’s FMV is $250,000.

If the FMV is $250,000 what should the Tax Assessed Value be? Usually, the County Tax Assessor has a formula based on FMV to compute your TAV. This formula varies greatly from state to state and county to county, but in general it should be 80% of FMV LESS your deductions. Your deductions, where applicable, include exemptions for some or all of the following: widow or widower, senior citizen, handicapped, homesteaded property, veterans, combat injury, paralyzed partially or completely, blindness, and on and on. It is important that every homeowner review the full list of exemptions for his county or have a professional tax appealer do it for you, because each and every exemption is money in your pocket to which you are entitled. Florida has recently increased its homestead exemption from $25,000 to $50,000 per homesteaded household. This roughly means that the average homeowner will save an additional $350 – $500 a year in taxes.

The tax appraiser uses what he considers your FMV and multiples it by a multiplier of 80% to 90% of FMV. Here is an actual example for Broward County, Florida: FMV (your recent purchase price) of $250,000, TAV without homestead or any other exemption = $212,000 (84.8%). If you homestead your property, the TAX value drops to $162,500, HOWEVER, your School Board Taxable Value changes to $187,500.

If you are a Senior disabled Combat-wounded veteran, age 65, have at least a 10% disability rating, provide proof of combat injury, and a Florida resident at the time of entering the service, your property taxes are $0.00! There are numerous other full exemptions that you or a professional tax appealer should investigate immediately because you may be entitled to huge property tax savings.

If you purchased a home as a short sale or a foreclosure and got a great deal at well below FMV, your purchase price will not be considered as FMV. Instead, the tax assessor will use his “best estimate” based on other properties in the neighborhood. However, he will not take into account the repairs you had to make that could reduce your taxes substantially. Your professional tax appealer will be able to do this for you.

In the years following your home’s purchase, the tax assessor determines your assessed value by using a complicated mathematical formula that re-appraises all the properties in the county at one time. It has to be done this way because of the tens of thousands of properties and the minimal staff at the tax assessor’s office. In most cases this isn’t fair to the homeowner or commercial property owner but fewer than 2% of tax payers officially protest and fewer than 20% of those who do ever get a tax reduction. This is primarily because of a lack of understanding the appeals process and being able to reconstruct the necessary data for a successful appeal; your professional tax appealer can do all this for you.

In summary, the TAV of your home is usually a percentage of its FMV and under usual circumstances this will be 80% to 90% before exemptions. However, for short sale and foreclosure purchases it could be 200+% of your purchase price or more. Consult with a local professional tax appealer to make sure you are paying only your fair share of your property taxes.

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Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there is a series of obstacles, and the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.

Are you on the search for a new home? Are you a first-time home buyer ready to enter the market? Then a buyers market is right where you want to be!


Recent years have turned many real estate markets on their heads. One-time hotbeds for rapid appreciation and booming sales have turned into areas rampant with dropping prices and foreclosures. Making matters even more complicated, is the realization that every market is different. Even neighborhoods within cities have varying markets.How can you tell if you are living in an area experiencing a buyers market?Key Indicators:

  • More than six month’s worth of inventory on the market 
  • Median sales price is down 
  • Fewer buyers on the market 
  • Relative large supply of homes and relative low prices

As a buyer, how can you maneuver yourself to take full advantage of a market which is stacked in your favor?All of the market indicators translate into more choice for buyers. Prices become more negotiable. You have more homes to choose from.One of your first steps is to hire a real estate agent. An agent can supply you with market statistics, including days on market, pricing, and neighborhood comparables. They can also direct you to home listings on the MLS.With such economic uncertainty today, buyers are scared to venture into the market. They fear prices may drop after they buy, leaving them upside down in a home. They fear the market will not pick up for years, leaving them stuck in a home. That fear works in your favor, should you choose to buy. Interest rates are at historic lows. And buyer fear actually translates into more homes for you to choose from. It means sellers may be more willing to drop their price to make a sale.In negotiating, foreclosures wreak havoc on a neighborhood. Foreclosures can lower values on an entire street. If a home has been sitting on the market for months, the likelihood that the seller will make concessions increases.And even when a price won’t budge, you can always discuss who will pay closing costs.Deciding when to buy can be a big decision, but buying during a buyers market can give you many advantages over other markets.


The opportunity for personal recreation is excellent, with swimming, surfing, fishing and other types of facilities. There is something for every age and interest. The current Florida real estate market is a chance that will never come again for a person to own a home in an ideal location that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. The current price of homes and low interest rate make it possible for anyone to own the home of their dreams and no longer be obligated to pay rent. Many times the loan payment is less than the rent one is currently paying, offering an opportunity to have a home that is dream come true.

Florida is a fantastic place to live. The access to its many beautiful beaches and its ideal weather makes it a very attractive place to spend one’s life. If children are involved, there are excellent educational  facilities available from kindergarten through college. With a number of large cities, as well as open country, one has the opportunity to live in either location.

The opportunity for personal recreation is excellent, with swimming, surfing, fishing and other types of facilities. There is something for every age and interest. The current Florida real estate market is a chance that will never come again for a person to own a home in an ideal location that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. The current price of homes and low interest rate make it possible for anyone to own the home of their dreams and no longer be obligated to pay rent. Many times the loan payment is less than the rent one is currently paying, offering an opportunity to have a home that is dream come true.